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We distribute high quality, branded solar power products that hold secure, reliable warranties at competitive prices. Phono Solar, Hyundai Solar Modules, Q Cells, LG Electronics, Power One Aurora, SMA, Clenergy, and ABB are just some of the high quality range of solar products. Supply Partners takes pride in our direct to manufacturer relationships which allow us to pass on the most cost effective solar solutions to you. Our warehouse facilities and logistics networks across Australia ensures a smooth transition from your order to delivery.

Supply Partners understands the needs of solar wholesalers and retailers alike, when you need stock, you need it now. We ensure that we have a solid volume of stock on hand in our warehouses so that we can supply you when time is critical.

Our high quality products are backed by the key individuals who make it happen, through our experience in all aspects of the solar industry, whether that is: technical advice, logistics, business operations and customer service. Our goal is to support you and your business to ensure your success.

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Choosing the Right Products for your business 


LG Electronics is a world leader in technology, they have worldwide brand recognition, proven global customer service, and financial security. Their Solar division has invested heavily in R&D and manufacturing from the outset insuring their panel is one of the worlds best. Coupled with strong marketing and sensible market growth that insures they will be in the game for the long haul.


Utilising world leading German Solar technology, Q-Cells consistenly exceed predictions of performance and reliability under the most rigorous testing in the world. After recently merging with Hanwha, the company has stabilised financially and undergone amazing growth. It is proof positive that a great product from a great company will excell in any market.


Hyundai is one of the oldest and most established companies that have expanded into solar, with true vertical integration, that goes beyond ingots, to panels and advances into practical applications like their expanding range of electric vehicles. Hyundai unquestionably understand global manufacturing better then any other solar panel manufacturer on the market, and as such 


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Phono Solar is currently the best value solar module in the Australian market. Manufactured by Sumec a key part of China's National Machinery Industry Corporation (Sinomach) as part of a national effort to improve Chinas reputation for quality, they deliver the same level of performance, durability, and features as some of the worlds best panels, at an unmatched price.



SMA is the worlds leading residential inverter manufacturer. German designed and built, with a global presence, and local warranty support and the consistent quality and performance of SMA inverters have solidified their well earned reputation as the worlds leading inverter manufacturer. 



Italian designed and manufactured, Power One Aurora inverters are recognised the world over for their superior performance. Power One have been expanding their operations to meet the growing demand for their inverters on commercial and large scale projects, and residential installs and by recently joining with ABB and aligning themselves with Sumec (Phono Solar) there is no question Power One's global dominance.

Sungrow Power Supply Co. Ltd. is the largest inverter manufacturer in the Asia Pacific with the third largest market share behind Power One and SMA. Sungrow provide Australian after sales and warranty support, along with a 10yr warranty and wifi capabilities standard on every inverter. 


With its genesis in Australia and foot print across the world, Clenergy has grown from being a boutique solar solutions provider in to a passionate, globally renowned renewable energy company with nearly 400 employees and offices around four continents.


ABB is a leader in power, automation and electrical technologies focused on improved performance with minimal environmental impact. They are a global company, acting locally in over 100 countries to providing a diverse range of market leading products.

 At Supply Partners we understand that having the right information is key to making the right choices, so as your wholesale partner we are constantly evaluating and assessing the market to determine and source the best products at the best prices. 

  • Manufacturer stability and financial security.
  • Warranty security.
  • Local warranty support.
  • Marketing support, both physical and financial.
  • Product performance and Industry achievements.
  • Product failure rates.
  • Brand recognition.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Global Manufacturing capacity / local availability.
  • Research & Development.
  • Current industry news and forecasts.

Our research into these and other key areas allows us to buy the right products, insures we can deliver to you the best in new and established products, at the most competitive prices. So with Supply Partners on your side you can be confident that you are staying up to date with the market, and not simply buying the products that your distributor has their highest margin on or bought in the largest quantities. 

We're always working to keep track of the ever changing market, and along with our own research we genuinely value your feedback as to what products you've had good and bad experiences with.